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SimplyPaie's FAQ

Can I use SimplyPaie for invoicing only or payments only ?

Of course ! Our system is designed to suit everyone's needs.
The invoicing part being free, you'll pay only when receiving credit card payments.


When will I receive the money once a payment is cashed?

SimplyPaie performs bank wires to your bank account once a day from monday to friday.
Depending on your bank, your money will be available within 2 to 5 days.

How can I integrate SimplyPaie on my website?

There are two ways : the payment buttons and the API.
You can click on the corresponding elements at the top of your SimplyPaie space to get more information.

How long until I can start to ask and receive payments?

Immediately: you only have to sign up on this page to start using SimplyPaie and to get paid.
For safety reasons, you will then have to upload a few legal documents to be able to receive the money. Your customers can already pay you though, bank wires will be performed afterwards.

What is the maximum amount that I can ask for?

The current maximum amount per transaction is 6000 €.

What is the safety level of online payments?

Our payment partner Crédit Mutuel - Arkea ensures the best security levels.
Moreover, the international 3Dsecure technology is used, adding another layer of security.

When does SimplyPaie take its fees on the payments?

Fees are automatically debited right before the transfer to your bank account.
You have nothing to pay directly.

I want to take a guarantee on a credit card, is it possible with SimplyPaie?

Yes, it is possible to ask for a guarantee on a credit card (hourglass icon).
Once validated by your customer, you can cash all or part of the guarantee (dollar icon). Ideal for a rental service.


Why is the invoicing service completely free ?

We are earning money on credit card transactions which need big investments. The invoicing tool needs less personnel, it is thus logical to offer it to our customers.

How do I do if I already have an invoice creation system ?

You can still use simplypaie with your own invoices and quotes: you can indeed add an attachment to each payment request by mail, enabling you to attach your own document.

How can I add notes or other information to my Simplypaie's invoice ?

You can do this by going to your "Option" section of your Simplypaie dashboard and modify "Notes at the bottom of your invoices and quotes".

For any additional question, you can contact us at contact@simplypaie.fr